The Stranger’s Act!!❤️

The Connection!! 
How often do you meet people who are exactly like you?? 
Or well who would even think that there’s someone like you out there??!
I came across a person like that!! 
I met a guy just like me !! And it shocked me!! 
So apparently it was my 21st birthday a few days back and to my surprise I was not excited!!! I didn’t have that OMG moment!!! (I really grew up)
Me and my friend were heading back home , and then we see a guy with bright smile coming towards our cab 
We had to travel with him for 2 long hours. Being the extrovert I am I spoke to the driver and interacted with this guy a little 
Me and my friend had a plan to talk it all out because we had met after ages … 
But…. This guy had other plans !! He asks ,”So it’s your birthday?!” And I was like ,”Yeah” and he says,”We can at least sing a song for you!” 
And there he had it , I blushed and they including the driver started singing the birthday song !! 
They didn’t stop there ! That guy sang for me my favourite song too (P.S. he sucked at singing!! ) 
But like I keep saying it’s all about taking efforts !! 
We had crazy conversations ; We shared common interests; We shared common beliefs; We shared similarities. 
That 2 hour journey seemed like a 20 year old friendship. 
It’s surprising when you have a day made special by someone you never knew 
When you connect to a person who is just like you 
Sure I could have taken his number and then gotten in touch but hey, wouldn’t that kill the memory ??!
I don’t know if I will ever meet him again but he will remain too special for me !! I look at him as god’s gift to me on my birthday!!! (Too much?!) 
Such travel, such people and such moments gives you a hope that someone is out there for you and will come along just when needed!! 
So Wait ; Explore; Learn; Grow; HOPE!!!! 

P.S. Its been too long since my last blog but well work makes you busy, doesn’t it??
Stay blessed; Stay Beautiful!!!