Empowerment! ✍🏻👱🏻‍♀️

What Empowerment really means!

Real Empowerment ?

Scoring good in academics. NO
Getting a degree. NO

Earning well. NO

Getting married. NO

Being a mother. NO
True Empowerment is when you get to do whatever you like and whenever you like it. 

If you wish to no longer work, it’s your choice.

If you wish to get married and have kids, it’s your choice.

If you wish to start your own business, it’s your choice.

If you wish to be alone , it’s your choice.

Empowerment is letting yourself make your own CHOICE !!


The most satisfying feeling comes when you make someone’s life better
It comes when you make them laugh when all they want to do is cry
It comes when you see the most loved ones having tears of happiness 
It comes when a flashback races through and leaves a smile
In life while each one of us works hard to earn ;to spend ;to dream and to grow very few are lucky to have satisfaction !
If it isn’t satisfying you; LEAVE!!! If it makes you question yourself; QUIT!!!! If it leaves you with nothing but tears; BREAKUP!!!! If it is not what makes the God in you happy and proud ; STOP!!!! Pause!!! Breathe !!!! Re-Start again !! But there is no achievement as big as SATISFACTION!!! 

P.S. Now I think you do it to get featured in my PS section!! Kidding!! Thank you for always missing my blog and reminding me about it and making me write!!! People like you make me smile ☺️☺️ And again this delay was because I was super busy!!!!!