Because We Love Mithu!!

So today one of my school friend sent me the above image and said you know why I sent you this? 
I was like umm idk ! Why?! 
And she said,”Because you write; I want you to write a blog about this issue!” 
And I have never felt this good!! 
I don’t really know how good I  would be , but I need to share a story :

When I was a kid I used to visit an aunt for some course and one day they suddenly had this parrot whom they lovingly called “Mithu”

Soon I got attached too , I used to spend time with him, feed him and expect him to repeat what I say .. It was fun! 
But after two weeks suddenly Mithu was gone !! 

And it shocked me because that aunty treated him like her son . 

Innocently, I asked her , ” Where is Mithu!?”

She said,” He’s gone!” 

“But we loved him na? And he seemed happy?!”

She told me ,” Beta , we loved him that’s why we set him free ! He was very small when we found him hurt on the street . Bhaiya bought him to cure him. You know? Mithu wasn’t from India .. And he didn’t know to fly! He must be flying with his mother and then got lost ! So we took him to the doctor , fed him , cured him and then let him go … ”

But why didn’t we let him be here forever??
“Because he has his own family and his own life . We only wanted to help him grow better. And more importantly because we love Mithu!” 
It’s been years to this incident and I still remember him and I am sure their family does to ! 

Loving means setting free!! 

Can we imagine being in jungle or in a cage?! Will we survive? 

Humans have right to move freely and live 

So do these birds! You can’t take away their life for your entertainment 
I am not saying we should never have pets ! We should if it makes their life better
Take a street dog home and make him healthy

Cure a hurt bird

Feed other living beings 

But never dare to steal someone’s life! 

God is our creator and the only power who decides our fate ! We as humans should treat every being equally and with respect !! 

P.S  Dear friend, I don’t know if I stood upto your expectations or no in this blog but trust me more people like you will make the world a better place! Thanks for this!