Hopes filled with doubts! 

The decisions she once made, were now blurry. 
The people she waved goodbye, were now being missed. 
Was she ever wrong in choosing her self first or was it all about how the time played its game? 
Sitting in dark, she still wonders were they worth the effort. 
A little buzz on her phone reverts, baby nobody’s worthier than you and nobody would ever be. 
Alas, she fell asleep with her thoughts still mingling and heart still hoping. 

Dear teen girl!

Dear girl,
I know it’s hard, I know you are not understanding anything which is going on around you and you feel like your world is shaking and breaking!
But sweetheart, it’s not ! Your world is just getting better and stronger! 
You are in the age where everyone around you seems wrong. 

You will start questioning your family, your career choices , your friends and even the love of your life.
But it’s okay! It’s a natural human process 

It’s a part of life! 

This is meant to be this way! If not now then some years later every girl faces this and it’s okay!
Don’t break down;don’t cry;don’t change

Stick to your roots,be yourself and just trust life. 

Few years later these sorrows won’t even be important to you! 

In fact it would make you realise that if it wasn’t for these sorrows you wouldn’t have been happy

And so you should not stress about it now!
You know while you are trying to cope up and live; you are pushing everyone away! There are few selected people who are taking your shit and pulling you back but slowly the number is going to reduce and in the end it’s going to be you.

Remember to care first for yourself and all the people who pulled you back!

Because not everyone will understand your journey and the ones who do should always be a priority to you!
Dear girl, these are all the steps that lead you to your destination and there is nothing abnormal happening with you ! You are just experiencing life! And you should make it worth a while! 
P.S. No matter what you should always wear the smile on your beautiful face!! 

The only constant is YOU

As kids , we have always been told to wait for the next moment. We are expected to do everything in present for the happiness of future 

Go to school and score to be in good college. Score in college to be a good professional. Be a good professional to earn more. Earn more to spend more.

But we save it for the future!!! 

We all live in hope for a good future and a lot of us fail to understand that it is the present which  is supposed to be lived. 

The future is not real and can never be planned. 

Your favourite subject will soon become a bore.

Your dream job will soon be a pain.

Your favourite holiday destinations will become tiring

The people you thought will be till the end will diverge!

Nothing is permanent.

Life isn’t a phase! It is a book of multiple chapters. 

Each chapter beholds something special.

And in every chapter new people are introduced to play their role as the old ones exit.

The only constant is you! Only you!

So the friend that hurt you, the boyfriend that broke you, the test you failed, the job you quit or the dream that shattered were not the end of your life but a end to that chapter.

Every chapter ends and one day the life ends too. 

Don’t hold grudges. 

Don’t cry.

Don’t quit.

He broke your heart? Forgive him.

You scored less? Try harder next time 

You failed? Keep in mind the learnings 

You gave up a job? Find a new one

Every human has a heart that beats but remember it beats to keep you alive and one day it will stop. That day you should only remember what “YOU” did, how much you laughed and how happy you were.

Do everything that makes you happy… Most importantly do everything that gives you peace.. Even if that means calling that guy or speaking to the ex-best friend or not giving the test or quitting the job. If it makes you happy! Do it! 

For every chapter has only one constant “YOU!”

And that YOU should be happy in every moment!