Hopes filled with doubts! 

The decisions she once made, were now blurry. 
The people she waved goodbye, were now being missed. 
Was she ever wrong in choosing her self first or was it all about how the time played its game? 
Sitting in dark, she still wonders were they worth the effort. 
A little buzz on her phone reverts, baby nobody’s worthier than you and nobody would ever be. 
Alas, she fell asleep with her thoughts still mingling and heart still hoping. 

Failed Friendships, Fake Friendships!

(Failed Friendships!)

Suddenly,it was a question about me and my friendships! 

About the friendships that stopped existing 
About the friendships that were never meant to be but made me feel otherwise 

They say as you grow up, you start loosing friends but does this growth give you strength for accepting the loss?

What went wrong?

What changed?

Was it me?

Was it me who failed? 

Was it me whose efforts didn’t seem enough? 

Was it me who inspite of giving everything to them couldn’t take it far?

Too many failed friendships made me question myself!

And amidst the noises in my head my heart whispered they were never really your friends!

(Fake Friendships!)

And then I realised it was purely my destiny and fortune that bestowed me with only the best people in my life and kept removing the toxic ones so that one day all my efforts would be reciprocated and my friendships would last forever!

Friends Forever?

They were people who were supposed to be there forever;who promised to be a part of my wedding;who had planned vacations with me;who were going to cry hard when I died. 

What happened to them?

Did I change? 

Did they change? 

What became so important that every dream had to shatter ??

That every friendship had to fade??

As I was having these thoughts and flashbacks the love of my life enters with my best friend to show me how much I mean to them with a photo book of our wedding pictures and tickets to my favourite destination.
The dreams still existed, the dreams were being fulfilled too but the people changed.
Those people who were supposed to be till the end were actually the people who had to make me reach here unfortunately without them. 
People keep playing their roles and leave, don’t get your strings attached until it’s real.