Hopes filled with doubts! 

The decisions she once made, were now blurry. 
The people she waved goodbye, were now being missed. 
Was she ever wrong in choosing her self first or was it all about how the time played its game? 
Sitting in dark, she still wonders were they worth the effort. 
A little buzz on her phone reverts, baby nobody’s worthier than you and nobody would ever be. 
Alas, she fell asleep with her thoughts still mingling and heart still hoping. 


Some Nights Like These! 

On Nights like these, when loneliness knocks and emptiness whispers. 
I remember each of you who once said they love me

I remember each of you who decided to forever be here with me 

I remember each of you whom I once called mine
Where are you now? Where have you been? 

Do you miss me as much as I miss you or you found someone of your own! 

Do you blame me for not letting you in anymore? 

Do you not remember me anymore? 

Do you care for me ? Do you love me? 

Some Nights likes these when you realise its still not begun. 

Empowerment! ✍🏻👱🏻‍♀️

What Empowerment really means!

Real Empowerment ?

Scoring good in academics. NO
Getting a degree. NO

Earning well. NO

Getting married. NO

Being a mother. NO
True Empowerment is when you get to do whatever you like and whenever you like it. 

If you wish to no longer work, it’s your choice.

If you wish to get married and have kids, it’s your choice.

If you wish to start your own business, it’s your choice.

If you wish to be alone , it’s your choice.

Empowerment is letting yourself make your own CHOICE !!