Special Dedication 

2016 was a year full of surprises to me ! While I finally cut down strings with some I got attached to some others 

This blog is going to talk about that one person who I encountered in 2016 and who made that year a little better for me 

I haven’t been posting since a long time and this day is perfect to mark new beginnings !! So here it goes:

We were teens when we first met; 

I was a teacher’s pet.

He came to me for college affairs ; 

I kept being nothing but fair 

Soon the ways fell apart ; 

And we both moved along different life paths 

And then one fine day he texts a hello

All I was doing was going with the flow 

And we exchanged numbers soon

I wasn’t ready to be-friend him that soon 

Few casual chats made us acquaintances 
I knew our friendship had those chances 

To my surprise he acted as a FAN 

Reminded me to take out my Pen 

Slowly we got to know each other 

All we kept doing was to tease each other

It’s today that he turns 22 

And I know there’s a special friendship brewing between us two 

I still wonder if it went by too fast

Or am I clinging to lessons of my past 

Our future doesn’t stand clear

I don’t care about it either 

So here’s wishing my fan a very happy birthday 

Hoping to see you some day 
I might not be perfect or all nice 

I can be too intimidating and not too wise;

I am a mess too hard to clean 

But I promise to be the shoulder you can lean 

Hey fanboy I don’t know if this explains it all well or that it went over your head !! All I wanted to say is thank you and a very happy birthday !!! 

P.S. (Because you like them ) I am looking forward to your jokes over this post too !!! Have a great day!! God bless! 

I Love You Best Friend 

Today as my best friend turns 21!! I remember every moment that we have shared !! 

It started 8 years ago, when I suddenly wanted to be with her and she I don’t know why wanted to be with me!! So much so that she chose me over her friends. 

That’s how we kept growing !! 
We fought ! We made up!!
I cried and we patched up ! 

A journey seeming so short but experienced so deep 

In these 8 years I have admired her, I have hated her, I have been led down , I have been surprised , I was handled, I was loved , I was her priority (I still am) !,I was ; I am and I will be hers always !! 

There were times when I have acted like a kid 
There were times when I thought our friendship should probably end 

Then there were times when she meant nothing but the world to me !! 
I kept changing ; I kept growing but her LOVE was as pure always 
I remember setting high expectations and being sad 
But today baby I want to tell you how much I love you!!! 

I don’t care what’s happened I don’t care what would happen next but right now right here I know no other person would have loved me the way you have!!! 

8 years of friendship is what we have shared

It’s only about your happiness that I care

You became my mother and my father 
You loved me like no other 

I broke your heart
I questioned your love

I made you doubt 

I left you spell-bound 

I treated you like a family

I pampered you more than anybody 

I gave you all I had 

I loved you like mad

With all the ups and downs 

You knew how to straighten my frowns

No combination of 26 alphabets can describe us

And I am in love with us 

I wanna tell you SORRY I wanna tell you THANK YOU!! 

I wanna tell you I LOVE YOU!!

Happy birthday baby ❤️😘

Elder Brother 

He’s someone who fights with you

He’s  someone who fights for you;

He’s someone who teases you

He’s someone who motivates you;

He’s someone who makes you cry

He’s someone who makes your tears dry;

He’s someone who scolds you

He’s someone who pampers you;

He’s someone who will laugh when you fall 

(And) He’s someone who will pick you up like his most valued possession of the all;

He’s someone who will never let you feel insecure 

For it’s in his web of protection that you are the most secure;

He’s someone who won’t cry to you bragging about the love he has for you 

But show you that love in every little thing he does for you;

He’s someone who has suffered a lot more than you think 

He’s someone who has managed to survive in situations that stink;

He has seen a lot more shades to your parents than you have

He stood up (against them) for the dreams you have;

He’s someone who grew up much earlier than usual 

So that he could be the brother who is phenomenal;

He’s both your mother and your father 

He’s someone you can’t live without- 

“Your Elder Brother!

P.S: This could be your elder sister too… If you relate to this even a little,no matter where you are or what you are doing , call them;hug them;tell them how much they mean to you … Because they deserve to know..❤️❤️🎀