Hopes filled with doubts! 

The decisions she once made, were now blurry. 
The people she waved goodbye, were now being missed. 
Was she ever wrong in choosing her self first or was it all about how the time played its game? 
Sitting in dark, she still wonders were they worth the effort. 
A little buzz on her phone reverts, baby nobody’s worthier than you and nobody would ever be. 
Alas, she fell asleep with her thoughts still mingling and heart still hoping. 

Friendship means Forever?

Friendship isn’t always about Forevers!!❤

We have always held this term with highest regard. There are millions of people who have left a mark by proving their eternal friendship. More than million quotes , books , plays have been written. And all this leads to one thing that kills human the most : Expectations!! 
Expectations of being perfect and most idealistic. 

But is it fair ? Is it okay to compare your individual equation with someone based on the hype that revolves around this term ?? Is it fair to define this term and bound it with your rules ?? Is it ?? 
We all have different friends : childhood friends , school friends , building friends , college friends , social media friends , good friends , time pass friends , whenever in need friends , 4 am friends , hanging out friends, family friends and BEST FRIENDS !!!! 
Yes the word itself holds a pool of expectations and idealism. Your best friend is supposed to be yours only. He/She has to share everything with you. Do whatever you tell them to. Be with you everytime you cry. Celebrate all your joys like their own. Hate the people you hate. And above all be with you FOREVER !! 

Why?? Is friendship about being ideal? Does it mean that no matter how special you were to them if they decide to drift away they are bad ? That if life changes them and their priorities don’t match yours they are bad ? That if your growth is hampered as a human in stage of life you still shouldn’t let go? Is friendship only about being the best version of idealism to someone ??? 
Friendship is a term in dictionary!! You add meaning and value to it by your own likes and dislikes in other person. Friendship is all about you and your friend . It’s not about the world !! If you both could make a difference in each other’s life but couldn’t last forever it means your definitions changed and that’s okay , Change is the only constant !
Remember we are all humans and we all have different destiny and most of the times we are parted away to solve the purpose of our life and that’s just okay. Don’t energise everything on terms ; focus more on your definitions and you shall always find meaning. 
Friendship is not about forevers it’s about letting yourself be the best version of YOU with or without them by your side. 

P.S. I know you had a rough patch recently and that it’s hard but you have got this , okay ?? I have been busy with stuff and couldn’t really write but take this as my token for what you achieved today 🙂 I am proud of you dear friend. Thank you for appreciating my writing , this one is just for you . Hope it helps you Define !! Be Wise !! Be You 🙂 

Because We Love Mithu!!

So today one of my school friend sent me the above image and said you know why I sent you this? 
I was like umm idk ! Why?! 
And she said,”Because you write; I want you to write a blog about this issue!” 
And I have never felt this good!! 
I don’t really know how good I  would be , but I need to share a story :

When I was a kid I used to visit an aunt for some course and one day they suddenly had this parrot whom they lovingly called “Mithu”

Soon I got attached too , I used to spend time with him, feed him and expect him to repeat what I say .. It was fun! 
But after two weeks suddenly Mithu was gone !! 

And it shocked me because that aunty treated him like her son . 

Innocently, I asked her , ” Where is Mithu!?”

She said,” He’s gone!” 

“But we loved him na? And he seemed happy?!”

She told me ,” Beta , we loved him that’s why we set him free ! He was very small when we found him hurt on the street . Bhaiya bought him to cure him. You know? Mithu wasn’t from India .. And he didn’t know to fly! He must be flying with his mother and then got lost ! So we took him to the doctor , fed him , cured him and then let him go … ”

But why didn’t we let him be here forever??
“Because he has his own family and his own life . We only wanted to help him grow better. And more importantly because we love Mithu!” 
It’s been years to this incident and I still remember him and I am sure their family does to ! 

Loving means setting free!! 

Can we imagine being in jungle or in a cage?! Will we survive? 

Humans have right to move freely and live 

So do these birds! You can’t take away their life for your entertainment 
I am not saying we should never have pets ! We should if it makes their life better
Take a street dog home and make him healthy

Cure a hurt bird

Feed other living beings 

But never dare to steal someone’s life! 

God is our creator and the only power who decides our fate ! We as humans should treat every being equally and with respect !! 

P.S  Dear friend, I don’t know if I stood upto your expectations or no in this blog but trust me more people like you will make the world a better place! Thanks for this!