I Love You Best Friend 

Today as my best friend turns 21!! I remember every moment that we have shared !! 

It started 8 years ago, when I suddenly wanted to be with her and she I don’t know why wanted to be with me!! So much so that she chose me over her friends. 

That’s how we kept growing !! 
We fought ! We made up!!
I cried and we patched up ! 

A journey seeming so short but experienced so deep 

In these 8 years I have admired her, I have hated her, I have been led down , I have been surprised , I was handled, I was loved , I was her priority (I still am) !,I was ; I am and I will be hers always !! 

There were times when I have acted like a kid 
There were times when I thought our friendship should probably end 

Then there were times when she meant nothing but the world to me !! 
I kept changing ; I kept growing but her LOVE was as pure always 
I remember setting high expectations and being sad 
But today baby I want to tell you how much I love you!!! 

I don’t care what’s happened I don’t care what would happen next but right now right here I know no other person would have loved me the way you have!!! 

8 years of friendship is what we have shared

It’s only about your happiness that I care

You became my mother and my father 
You loved me like no other 

I broke your heart
I questioned your love

I made you doubt 

I left you spell-bound 

I treated you like a family

I pampered you more than anybody 

I gave you all I had 

I loved you like mad

With all the ups and downs 

You knew how to straighten my frowns

No combination of 26 alphabets can describe us

And I am in love with us 

I wanna tell you SORRY I wanna tell you THANK YOU!! 

I wanna tell you I LOVE YOU!!

Happy birthday baby ❤️😘

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